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The vast majority of well pump jobs that we service require the use of a submersible well pump.   Although in some cases a jet pump can be utilized (shallow wells) a submersible pump is more efficient and reliable.   

How Does A Submersible Well Pump Work?

As mentioned above the most effective means of bringing potable (drinkable) water to the home is through the use of a submersible well pump.  The submersible pump is place at the bottom of the well where it 'pushes' the water up to the home.  The pump itself is cylindrical in shape with a sealed pump inside that is connected to the power source above the ground.   

If problems do arise with your submersible well pump it will require lifting the unit from the bottom of the well to the surface for repair or replacement.  This is where the services of a professional are required as the depth of your well can be 25ft or greater.  The benefits of a submersible pump however are that they can often last 20 years or greater without requiring service.  In addition to the service life it should be noted that a submersible pump can be used in any application whether it be a deep or shallow well.

We service and install all makes and models of submersible well pumps. We will repair when possible but often times it is most efficient to replace and install a new well pump.

Please feel free to give us a call at 905-699-8898 if you need a well pump repair, replacement or installation.

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With Milton Plumbing and Heating's Straight Forward Pricing you only pay for the submersible well pump work completed.  Owner Alex Schrempf prides himself on honesty, hard work and integrity and ensures all jobs are completed on time and on budget.  Customer service is key to running a local business and Alex knows what it means to provide friendly, knowledgeable service.  All employees are held to the highest of standards to ensure you receive only the best possible work!

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