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There are two main types of well pumps:  Submersible Pumps and Jet Pumps.  In most cases the water table is far below the surface in which case a submersible pump is the most efficient way to bring potable water to your home.

In cases where the depth is not as great then a jet pump can be utilized to 'suck' the water from the well into your home.  Although there are deep well jet pumps we will talk about shallow well jet pumps as this is the most common type of jet pump seen in the Halton region and surrounding towns.  

shallow well jet pump can pull water from a maximum of 25’ depth-to-water. Shallow well jet pumps have a single suction line and are commonly used for yard irrigation and residential water. Such jet pumps are also used as a flooded suction booster pump out of an above ground holding tank. This system can be commonly referred to as a one pipe system as it only has one pipe going out of the unit and down into the actual well.

At Milton Plumbing and Heating we service and install all makes and models of water well jet pumps. We have the capability to re-build jet pumps, replace motors, replace seals, install new suction lines, and replace jet assemblies.

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