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Leaky outdoor faucets or broken pipes can be both annoying and costly household issues.  Both indoor and outdoor faucets need repair at times. Outdoor faucets are more exposed to elements and may at times require serious repair. For this reason, repairing outdoor faucets is less of a do-it-yourself matter. 

Outdoor faucets

Outdoor faucets are used during spring, summer and fall to water our gardens, wash our cars, fill out pools and provide life outdoors. We take this water supply for granted and assume it will work when needed.

Outdoor faucet issues during Spring

Throughout the cold Canadian winters many problems can occur but the most common comes from frozen pipes.  If even a small amount of water is left in the pipe during the winter it can freeze, expand and crack pipes.  This causes issue in outdoor hoses, fixtures, faucets, pipes and irrigation systems.  Often times these issues are not discovered until spring when the home owner turns on the water supply again for the first time. At that point the problem becomes one that must be solved immediately.

Why do it immediately?

Even if the frozen pipe does not cause a major leak it is still something that should be repair immediately.  Every time you see water running from a faulty faucet, you actually see your money running down the drain. Even if it is just dripping or trickling, it requires immediate repair, because things may get worse overnight. It may flood your (and maybe your neighbors’) area and cause an even more serious material damage.

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Milton Plumbing and Heating is a plumbing company that takes pride in our reputation for quality work and honesty.  We are available 7 days a week, so if a faucet in your yard has failed you give us a call!

How do I prolong my outdoor faucet’s life?

There are a few tips, which you should follow to keep your system functional year round:

  • Check pressure on a regular basis. If you notice a drop in pressure, most likely, your faucet is not all right.
  • Prepare your system for winter. Disconnect hoses, drain the remaining water from it and cover the faucet. Failure to do so (letting the remaining water freeze) may cause your hose freeze and burst. If your faucet gets iced up, you may have a harder time turning it on/off. You will have to apply physical force too frequently. This may reduce the faucet’s life.

Milton Plumbing and Heating offers high-quality outdoor water faucet repair or replacement with straight forward pricing to Milton, Oakville, Acton and surrounding area. Feel free to call us directly at 905-699-8898 or schedule an appointment online at our Contact page.

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