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If you have had a clogged toilet at home for a while or just clogged our toilet, there is nothing to worry about! Clogged and blocked toilets is something that is very common in a household, and typically can be dealt with at home by yourself without having to call for assistance. A homeowner can usually solve this problem on their own, but there are some circumstances that they may not be able to handle.

If you are unable to unclog or clear your blocked toilet, they may be a bigger problem and it may be time to give Milton Plumbing & Heating Services a call. If your toilet has been clogged by an abundance of toilet paper or if your toilet is blocked by items that are non-flush able, that is when you need to call a plumber for assistance and Milton Plumbing & Heating Services are very skilled at clearing clogged and blocked toilets, and we are able to handle any situation and get your toilet back to working, flushing order. If you are experiencing a clogged or blocked toilet and live in, Milton, Oakville, Burlington, Acton, Campbellville or Georgetown, do not hesitate to call us at 905-699-8898 or use our contact form on our main page to request an appointment.

If you are have a clogged or blocked toilet, there are some things you can try that may unclog your toilet. If you are interested in unclogging / unblocking your toilet, please continue reading. There are two main things you can try to use:

  • Pull out the toilet plunger
  • Use a snake

Toilet Plunger

If your toilet is partially clogged or fully clogged, the best starting point is to always use the plunger first. You will be able to determine if you have a partial or fully clogged toilet based off of how much water fills up in the bowl of your toilet. If the water in your toilet is overflowing, you most likely have a fully clogged toilet, and if the water stays relatively high but does not flow over, you most likely have a partially clogged toilet. If you are unsure how to properly use a toilet plunger, this may not be the best option for you, but if you know how to use one, this is the best option to try and unclog your toilet.

Using The Snake

After using a toilet plunger, if your toilet is still clogged or blocked, try to use the snake. The snake is a tool that you can buy in any hardware store and it is a long wire coil with a metal corkscrew like object at the end. You stick the snake down your toilet while turning the wire coil so that the corkscrew at the end spins and breaks apart the clog and whatever items are clogging your toilet get attached to the wire and you are able to pull them out.

If you are a resident of Milton, Oakville, Burlington, Acton, Campbellville or Georgetown and are still unable to clear your clogged toilet, feel free to contact Milton Plumbing & Heating Services at 905-699-8898 or use our contact form located on our main page to request an appointment.

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